Airdrie Budokan Karate club was started in 1987 by Alex McGregor, 6th dan JKA, and was held in the YMCA Hallcraig Street. The club was a member of Scottish Budokan Association, of which Sensei McGregor was Chairman and chief instructor.

The club quickly grew and became a strong competitor in the association. One of its young original members was a young boy - Scott Shaw - who through lots of very hard work became one of the associations top competitors. Along with his sister Lynsay, they represented the association in national and international competitions throughout Europe.

When Sensei McGregor retired in 2011, he passed the club into the very capable hands of the same Scott Shaw, currently ranked 6th dan.

Classes are as follows:

Monday and Thursday 7pm 9pm in Tollbrae Primary school, Airdire
Monday and Wednesday 6pm 8pm in Golf Hill Primary school, Airdrie
Tuesday 6pm 8pm at our new club in St Margarets High school, Airdrie

New members and past members most welcome.